High Precision Soldering

JBC builds high reliability Solder and Solder Related Devices. JBC, a soldering equipment manufacturer since 1929, has set out to provide the best products in the market.


Groundbreaking, productive, and consistent technology have been designed to satisfy the most stringent professional standards. The research and development division produces innovative soldering tech that will satisfy your company’s needs. JBC delivers solutions for customers requiring full transparency during manual soldering processes, which no other tool can offer nowadays.

JBC is the industry's premier manufacturer of soldering equipment and technology, from precise SMT component rework using Nano Tweezers to high thermal demand soldering handpieces. The innovative line of soldering and rework accessories like hot plates, SMT rework equipment, through-hole desoldering and thermal wire strippers, JBC has a complete range of equipment. JBC heating element wires and soldering irons share a microprocessor which manages their performance at 60hz with up to 140W on demand from one very light cartridge for enhanced thermal capabilities. As a result, the thermal performance of JBC products is unparalleled.