Chairs Designed with Fit and Productivity in Mind
From the shape of their seats to the density of their foam, the ease of control adjustments to their ergonomically designed support system, Gibo/Kodama designs provide comfort in every chair.
GK Chairs
Gibo | Kodama Chairs is a Southern California based company providing ESD, Lab and office chairs. Originally founded in 1989 by Albert Gibo, the mission of Gibo/Kodama is to provide a superior quality chair that is designed with comfort and productivity in mind.
Gibo | Kodama chairs are now used in many different industries including electronic manufacturing workstations, contract offices, government workspaces, as well as workstations within educational and medical facilities.
For the past 4 years, Gibo | Kodama has been providing its products to high tech companies such as Apple and other leading technology firms. Several cases of occupational injuries associated with long term sitting at a computer have been resolved by the installation of Gibo/Kodama chairs in the work area.
The design and function of these chairs has also been endorsed and certified by many leading ergonomists. Gibo | Kodama has continued to research and develop their designs so that they may provide the most comfortable and productive chair possible.
Their design philosophy is simple: "build a better chair and people will use it."
Gibo | Kodama's chairs are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to fit any workspace. With their focus on the individual user, Gibo/Kodama has created chairs that not only look great but also provide a healthy way of sitting.
Their value-to-cost ratio is unparalleled. GK has been producing high quality ergonomic production and office chairs with a reputation for innovation and attention to detail which has earned them top-level customer service from their clients.
They are passionate about finding or creating solutions for your seating needs.