Europlacer has been developing machines for surface mount component assembly and manufacturing for over 50 years and has pioneered many of the technologies now widely deployed in the industry. Our surface mount products have evolved and our ability to respond has increased, but what hasn’t changed is our ability to listen, our commitment to innovation or the integrity in how we conduct our business.


Europlacer continues to be celebrated for its design excellence, engineering innovation and best-in-class surface mount assembly technology. Numerous prestigious industry awards have become part of the company’s history, celebrating our ability to evolve and develop high-mix productivity solutions as well as service excellence. We value such recognition from our industry peers very highly indeed.


We continue with the renowned policy of continuous product compatibility that made Europlacer unique; every new product or accessory we bring to market works with what came before it, and with everything that comes after it. Certainly, it’s an intelligent approach that saves our customers substantial time, money and energy, and mitigates the risk of technology obsolescence.


As an industry leader, we build that intelligence into every product, service and business relationship – hence our ‘Surface Mount Intelligence’ tag line. Thanks to our rich history, strong product range and commitment to integrity, we are excited by Europlacer’s future prospects under the stewardship of Parable Trust.